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Caron Designs mission is to create whimsical products that bring smiles and happiness to others. So much love goes into each piece we create!


So how did Caron Designs start? Well, I used to own a retail art shop in New Milford, Connecticut where I sold supplies and gave classes in wire wrapping, beading, fusing glass, painting, and pottery. Along with the supplies and classes, handmade products from jewelry to hand-painted mirrors. One of our best selling items were our hand-made earrings. I ended up having to move and sell my shop, but I had a lot of people still asking for my jewelry and paintings. I needed to figure out a way to get my products online to galleries, so I decided to get started on, now known as


That was many years ago, we've come a long way from operating out of my studio apartment to now our 700 square foot art studio. Most notably, I work with my amazing sister. We enjoy working together. She is creative, talented and passionate! We enjoy working together, and we each bring something different to the business making it a success and lots of fun. 


We continue to make a positive impact in other people's lives by volunteering, donations with organizations such as the JDRF, Ann Place, and the Danbury Woman's Center to name a few. We have donated our products to many organizations; feel free to contact us.


We hope you find something you will enjoy wearing our using. Thanks for stopping by, please share our site with your friends. 

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