We all have a "thing." Some people were born
to bake, and others love to sing or even build
spreadsheets. Founder and resident artist,
Lisa Caron, always knew she was meant to create.


Welcome to Caron Designs, home of crafts, color, and the creative spirit. We're on a mission to create whimsical products that bring smiles and happiness to kids ages 3-99.  


Where it all began.

Long before Caron Designs got its start, there was Lisa. As a little girl, she would craft with her mother. She remembers the excitement and intrigue that came with creating something new - fiddling with bottle tops to create pendants, designing rooms with cutouts from Sears Magazines, and learning how to use oil paints. 


Again and again, she was drawn to create in new ways. Unfortunately, she was told that it was no way to make a living. So, she kept her creative pursuits to part-time.


Caron Designs comes to life.

When we first launched Caron Designs in 1989, we only focused on creating one-of-a-kind jewelry with fun pops of color from Lisa's Connecticut studio apartment. We've gone through many transitions through our 30+ years from hand-painted ceramic platters and custom wedding designs to tile backsplashes and felting. 


Over the years, Lisa returned to that feeling of excitement she got from creating as a child. She wanted to share that feeling with children everywhere. So we launched our Arts & Crafts Kits to help a new generation discover the world of art.


Bringing color and creativity to all.

We're happy to say Caron Designs has outgrown that little studio apartment, and now we get to play in a 700 sq. ft. art studio complete with wall-to-wall worktables, two glass kilns, and one huge pottery kiln. An artist's dream and sanctuary, Lisa's husband built for her.


When we're not tinkering with new designs in the studio, you can find us giving art workshops and hanging out at our booth during a craft show. To keep up to date on our gatherings and in-person events, please take a look at our calendar or follow us on social media.

A quick note about giving back.

We're just as committed to the community as we are to creativity. It's important to us to give back, so we volunteer within the community and make donations to organizations such as the JDRF, Ann Place, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the Danbury Women's Center. 

Shopping Policy
All products ship in 1-3 business days; USPS shipping, handling, and insurance included. We only ship within the USA.

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