• Lisa Caron Hickey

Artist of the Week Chrispina Ffrench

Chrispina Ffrench started back in 1987 as an art student and created her first stuffed toy “Ragamuffin” from recycled woolen sweaters. At that moment, she knew she wanted to create art from recycled materials and had people interested in buying. So the business Chripina was created.

Her parents were artists and founded The Dolphin Studio in 1970 as a part time job to their full-time careers teaching art at the local high school – like many of us artists having a full time job creating a side art business.

As a child, one of their household chores was to help print “The Dolphin Studio Calendar”, which she still creates. You can get still order the 2019 calendar online. You can learn all about how she took over the family business, click here!

Her studio is located in the heart of the Berkshire Hills of Western MA. I met Chrispina at the Wool and Sheep Show in Rhinebeck, NY. Her recycled rugs and clothing is amazing – a must see. Her and her husband have three kids.

She currently has a free-give away happening as a reward for sharing stuff – check it out so you can get your name in the hat as many times as you can! If you are not on her mailing list and join now you will get one in the mail as a thank-you.

You want to know what makes her excited and inspired? People who “feel empowered, whole and perfect just as they are. She strives to follow a path to a community of creative’s who connect, share, and support each other 'cause sometimes it's great to have a shoulder to lean on, and ear to bend or a place to share a great story or laugh.” Follow her or join her enewsletter. A must follow person in the creative world along with a great learning environment - take a look at her upcoming events online.

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