How to Make Felted Acorns

Making felted acorns is a beautiful way to use natural elements in your fall decorating. Felted acorns can be placed by themselves in a bowl, accented in arrangements, strung together to create a one-of-a-kind garland, hung off a chandelier or a holiday tree, or give as a gift.

There are about 90 different oak trees in North America; all produce acorns. The acorns need to be cleaned gently in soapy water, dried, and then slowly cooked to kill insects.

The next step, creating felted wool balls to fill the acorn cap. I enjoy making felted balls. Purchase pre-dyed wool or purchase our Wet Felting Acorn Kit because it is easier than dying wool. I buy a variety of large bags of different colors. To make the balls, I wet felting the wool. Determine the amount of wool you want to use. I recommend weighing it so that you can track the amount of wool you used and make the same size over and over again. Pull the wool you will use in this one ball in thin layers and gently form a light ball. Add hot sudsy water to your hands. I use Dove or Dawn dish detergent. Slowly rub your hands together with the wool in the center of your hands to form a ball. Dip your ball wool into the hot water and continue to shape it. Round and round, it goes in your hand similar to creating a meatball but continuous movement until it becomes firm. If you feel it is not forming, roll it more vigorously. If it becomes dry, dip in hot sudsy water again. Set the ball to dry. Or, if you want to continue felting, try rolling it onto a towel. Set it out to dry. For faster drying, put all the finished felted balls into a linen bag with face clothes and toss them into the dryer on warm heat.

When completely dried, glue into the acorn cap with Alene's Tacky Glue. If you want to make the acorn into ornaments, you need to predrill the acorn cap and string embroidery thread to create a hanger.

We have a Felting Acorns Craft Kit with all the essentials to create ten felted acorns. Take a look.

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