Do you have a young artist looking for another way to paint? Check out this impressive air technique by using a straw, watercolor paint, and some air to create some one-of-a-kind paintings. With this kit and some blasts of air, you can create some beautiful works of art.


The craft kit is a creative activity for preschool to adults.


With this painting kit, you will be able to create eight 4" x4" paintings on tagboard and display your favorite on the stone stand display. It's a fun and creative way to make art, and it looks great in any room. You can also accent your painting with a quote, add some tree branches, or create a self-portrait using a black permanent marker. Marker not included.

This is a perfect activity for children and adults.

Kit includes an assortment of paints, pipette, straw, eight 4 "x4" tagboard paper, marker, one display stand, and instructions.

Air Blast Painting Craft Kit (known as Blow Painting)

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