Essential oils blends provide many benefits, from a feeling of calm to an awakening of more focus. Oils blend take on different effects; for example, mixing peppermint oil with orange essential oil improves focus and concentration. When you mix peppermint with lavender, it provides headache relief. Lavender and Clary Sage is a sleep aid.

Our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend Kit has everything you need to create two roll-on blends, two-bath blends, and plenty of oil left over to put to other good uses. We have included a list of 15 ways to accent your home with essential oils, a list of 8 different types of oil blend recipes, along with directions on creating your two roll-on blends and bath oil.

Essential oil blends can be used in various manners, such as diffusing meaning eliminated oils into a room with water, creating a bath oil blend, or creating a roll-on. Creating your essential oil blends is a great way to create new scents depending on how you feel or what you face each day.

Kit includes two roll-on bottles, fractionated coconut carrier oil, eight essential oils (by Plant Therapy - the best of the best - some oil are organic), instructions, a sheet on ways to use essential oils, blend recipes, and essential oil descriptions. We know you'll love everything these beautiful kits have to offer!


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Essential Oil Blend – DIY Kit - Aromatherapy Blending Kit

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